During EURO 2020 Ucom subscribers to take part in the uMeter voting and draw

Until July 11, during the EURO 2020 football championship, Ucom’s both mobile voice and fixed services subscribers will take part in the uMeter voting and draw for free, by sending their opinion on the results of the upcoming matches. The subscribers who take part in the voting get the opportunity to receive a gift: one of 200 soccer balls, 60 wireless headphones and 60 power banks.  

Mobile voice subscribers can participate in the uMeter voting and draw via SMS by sending the uMeter keyword to the 2020 short number, receiving short messages, and expressing their opinion on one of the next day matches mentioned in the SMS. All the SMSes of the draw are free of charge.  

“As Ucom is the broadcast partner of Armenia TV within the framework of the UEFA EURO 2020, there will be matches available only to the audience of "Armenia Premium" TV channel, which is accessible to all Ucom TV service subscribers. By the way, fixed services subscribers can vote through Messenger Chatbot on Ucom TV Facebook page. On a daily basis, there will be a post on Ucom TV Facebook page about one of the next day’s matches, and all you need to do is go to the correspondence section via link mentioned in the description of the competitive announcement, click “Get Started”, choose one of the available options, and provide your Ucom fixed service ID”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.  

Ucom will collect the results of its subscribers’ SMS and Facebook voting, then on the match day will present them on Ucom TV and Ucom TV Facebook page via uMeter interactive index. The latter will showcase how the votes of Ucom subscribers were distributed.

Every Friday, all subscribers who joined the voting, will take part in a draw, during which the 80 lucky ones will be randomly selected to receive the expected gifts. The draw will be broadcast live on Ucom TV Facebook page.

Let us add that it is possible to vote for each match only once. Other details are available at www.ucom.am/uMeter.



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