AraratBank places its 27th issue of dollar bonds

From March 26 to June 26 of this year, AraratBank starts placement of bonds subject to the conditions described below: 

Total volume: USD 5 million

Quantity: 200, 000

Nominal value: USD 25 

Maturity: 48 months

Annual coupon yield: 5.75%

Coupon frequency: quarterly

Once placed, the bonds will be listed on the AMX Armenia Securities Exchange.

According to Sevak Manukyan, Head of the Investment Banking Department of AraratBank, acquiring bonds is а worthwhile investment as bonds are highly liquid and can be sold at any time on the secondary market through a bank or other broker. Besides, new customers will be provided with USD-denominated bank accounts without charging annual service fee, as well as securities (depo) accounts - without maintenance fee.

For complete information on the 27th issue of AraratBank dollar bonds, please follow the link.   

The program prospectus of the bond issue was registered by the Central Bank of Armenia on September 6, 2023.

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