The CSTO created by Russia right now either clearly protects the territorial integrity of Armenia, or CSTO member Armenia withdraws from CSTO within hours. Khachik Asryan

On September 13 of this year, the Azerbaijani armed forces again violated the territorial integrity of Armenia, again carrying out military operations against Armenia, causing human losses.
Armenia, being the member of the CSTO military-political alliance for 30 years, yesterday officially appealed to the CSTO to restrain Azerbaijan and throw it out of the sovereign territory of Armenia (Armenia, being a member of the CSTO, has already shown in practice that it is ready to fulfill its obligations to the CSTO and its member states, a clear proof of which was its participation in an anti-terrorist operation with other CSTO member states in Kazakhstan at the beginning of January this year). Especially the citizens living in Armenia were waiting with bated breath for the CSTO's fair decision, that is, through the CSTO toolkit to immediately expel the Azerbaijani armed forces from the territory of Armenia, to stop hostilities and force Azerbaijan to compensate Armenia for all material losses. But, to everyone's surprise, on the evening of September 13 of this year, the CSTO made a humiliating decision for Armenia, that is, to find out who was guilty, Azerbaijan or Armenia through some commission it created. Since the mission of the creation of the CSTO is to protect the territorial integrity of the CSTO member states, to resist armed aggression against the CSTO member states with joint forces, which did not actually happen in the case of Armenia, therefore, this anti-Armenian decision made by the CSTO is the legal basis for the Armenian government to make a historic decision in Armenia's national and state interest: "The CSTO, created by Russia, right now either clearly protects the territorial integrity of Armenia by immediately expelling the Azerbaijani armed forces from the territory of Armenia, stopping hostilities and forcing Azerbaijan to compensate Armenia for all material losses, or CSTO member Armenia withdraws from CSTO within hours, it removes the 102nd Russian military base, border guard and peacekeeping forces from Armenia and Artsakh, while simultaneously inviting the United States of America to Armenia, becoming a full strategic ally of the USA" (I am more than sure that the united West, represented by the USA, will never leave its strategic ally state alone against the enemy of that state: for example, Ukraine).
Next, I will present the true face of Armenia, as a strategic ally, but in reality, Russia which during the 44-day war betrayed Armenia and Artsakh and the Armenian people and handed over Artsakh to Azerbaijan.
Leader of the "Armenian Eagles. the United Armenia'' party,
Commander of "Armenian Eagles" volunteer squad,
"Combat Cross" 1st degree,
Colonel: Khachik Asryan
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