Subscribers of UCOM’S all time best offer to enjoy additional benefits

Until January 12, 2023 inclusive subscribers of Ucom’s convergent Unity tariff plans will not only benefit from a lot of internet, minutes, access to TV channels, but also additional privileges when purchasing device from Ucom.

The special offer is applicable upon purchasing the devices from both Ucom sales and service centers and via online shop at When making an online purchase, the owner of the main Unity number should send a blank short message to the 0104 short number, get the promo code and insert it into the online application form.

“From now on, with your active main Unity numbers, you can benefit from the additional 10% discount on accessories, earbuds, power-banks, Wi-Fi routers, Smart Home devices, TV-sets, gaming consoles, VR glasses, robot vacuum cleaners, and electric scooters. And when you buy smartphones, tablets or phones, you will get an additional 6-month premium warranty», said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Let us add that the additional benefit is not applicable in cases the subscriber uses the Unity + credit, Level Up + credit offers, as well as in case of purchasing a device, which has already been discounted

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