Changes have been applied to the monthly fees of the LEVEL UP prepaid tariff plans of the UCOM mobile services

From March 2, 2023, all new and existing subscribers of Level Up prepaid tariff plans of  Ucom’s mobile services will benefit from the latter with a changed monthly fee, preserving the access to the full scope of inclusions. The change is applied due to the need of network’s continuous modernization and maintaining the high quality of the services provided.

In particular, the subscribers of Level Up 1700 and Level Up 1700 Regional prepaid tariff plans will pay the monthly fee of 1800 AMD instead of the previous1700. And the users of Level Up 2700, Level Up 4700 and Level Up 8700 prepaid tariff plans will get all the inclusions provided by their tariff plans by paying 2900, 4900 and 8900 drams per month, respectively.

Let us add that clause 17.7 of the General Terms and Conditions, which is an integral part of the Subscription Agreement, defines the right of “Ucom” CJSC to unilaterally implement changes and additions at any time, both in the Subscription Agreements and in the aforementioned "General Terms and Conditions". All the changes and additions are published on Ucom's official website 7 (seven) days prior to entering into force.

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