Transfer your loan and take benefit of the 1.5% low interest refinancing offer

Transfer your mortgage or consumer loan secured by real estate property from another financial institution to AMIO BANK and take benefit of the refinancing offer with a low interest rate of 1.5%.

Advantages are:

Familiarize yourself with the refinancing key terms following the links below or call +374 10 59 20 20.

*In case of consumer loan refinancing secured by real estate collateral

minimum 15% (on the basis of income analysis) or 16.5% (not on the basis of income analysis). The minimum effective annual interest rate is 16.09%.

*Minimum 12.5% (on the basis of income analysis) or 12.75% (not on the basis of income analysis) for mortgage refinancing. The minimum effective annual interest rate is 13.24%.

AMIO BANK. Care for all.

AMIO BANK is supervised by the Central Bank of Armenia.

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