IDBank as a Participant in the Conference of My Forest Armenia NGO

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, yesterday, on March 21st, the environmental NGO “My Forest Armenia” initiated a conference on the topic “Forest ecosystem services and the impact on business”. Tigran Mkhitaryan, Corporate Business Director of IDBank also participated in the conference.

During the panel discussion, Tigran Mkhitaryan spoke about the role of environmental programs in business growth and the importance of companies' involvement in environmental sustainability and environmental protection.

According to Tigran Mkhitaryan, one of the directions of corporate social responsibility programs of IDBank and Idram is environmental protection. “It is no coincidence that for the second time the joint initiative of Idram and the Bank “The Power of One Dram” is supporting “My Forest Armenia” NGO,” says Tigran Mkhitaryan.

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The entire amount of “one drams” accumulated during March-April 2022, AMD 10 757 867, was directed to the forest restoration program of “My Forest Armenia” NGO. As a result, tree planting was organized with the participation of company employees, and 16,000 trees were planted on behalf of IDBank and Idram in the Jrashen area. This speaks not only about the high social responsibility of the companies, but also of the employees.

“My Forest Armenia” is once again the beneficiary of “The Power of One Dram”. During the current month March, all the money accumulated in return for customer payments will be transferred to the “My Forest Armenia” environmental non-governmental organization.

And how much that amount will be depends on everyone. After all, the amount is generated from the number of payments made through the online platforms of Idram&IDBank,,, as well as through the terminals of the companies. By the way, you can pay with Idram at more than 20,000 outlets completing your transaction in a few moments.

Now anyone can become a goodwill ambassador: just join Idram and IDBank, make all your payments online, contactless and safe, and do good deeds without spending a single dram.



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