AraratBank: General Partner of Face-to-Face Regional Forum

On March 30 of this year, the “Face-to-Face: Dialogue of Generations Regional Forum” took place in Vardenis, bringing together hundreds of young people from the regions of Armenia.

AraratBank takes daily effort to ensure that the society values education. The bank helped turn the idea of a regional forum into a reality. The event primarily sought to provide a platform to all the young people who, having a unique background and succeeding in their fields of action, wanted to share a message with the world.

The young MEM members spoke on stage, sharing their experience and success stories with the most accomplished and experienced specialists, businessmen and intellectuals of Armenia sitting in the audience, interested in hearing their views and engaging in discussions.

1.    Zaruhi Khloyan: 10 Tips for achieving success,
2.    Suzanna Manukyan: Armenian Diaspora: Network nation and cooperation,
3.    Aram Aghekyan: Community Networks,
4.    Mariam Sahakyan: How to overcome challenges and beat stereotypes,
5.    Monika Sargsyan: Personal Branding: How to become the best version of yourself,
6.    Aghavni Mikayelyan: Choose a problem, not a profession. Servant leader. Create big values,
7.    Narek Soghomonyan: The effectiveness of mentor-mentee relationships,
8.    Nare Iskandaryan, Angelina Balasanyan: Driven by discipline, not motivation.

Providing space for networking and sharing good practices, the “Face-to-Face: Dialogue of Generations Regional Forum” came to an end with a live performance of the young rock group from Sevan “The Band of Sun”.

"Children in regions" (MEM) is a socio-educational non-governmental organization, which creates a decentralized network of patriotic, educated leaders united by a strong commitment to shared values in the name of a proportional development of Armenia.

To date, more than 400 volunteers across Armenia and Javakhk as well as over 70 experienced mentors from Armenia and the Diaspora have joined the MEM.

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