Rocket Line - now for 60 months: Idram and IDBank

What if we tell you that Rocket Line is now for longer period than you expected? Yes, we do everything possible so that you have the most comfortable conditions for your daily payments.

Well, Rocket Line is already available for 60 months, which means that you can enjoy your purchases at any time, paying at a later, more convenient time.

Moreover, if you choose a term of up to 6 months, the Rocket Line digital installment plan can be paid off even at the last moment, at the end of the term, and in the case of a term of 9 to 60 months, equal monthly repayments apply.

You can see what limit is available for you on the main page of the Idram&IDBank application or on the online platforms and

We just want to remind you that Rocket Line installment plan is available at all points of sale where Idram payment is available, i.e. at around 21.000 points of sale and over 1.000 online stores and websites, and Rocket Line 0% is available at more than 8.800 points, where you can make your purchases and not even worry about the interest rate, later repaying only the amount you have used, and not a dram more.

You may ask where can you pay with Rocket Line 0%? You can get the answer to this question by following the link and getting acquainted with the growing list of points of sale.

All we have to do is wish you a pleasant shopping and remind you that you can always afford more.


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