Ucom Supports Youth Environmental Education

The 12th Sunchild International Environmental Conference promises to be more impactful and enlightening than ever. With Ucom’s support, the Youth Corner continues to thrive, offering young people a four-day opportunity expo and various workshops within the festival's framework.

While this year marks the inaugural organization of the Youth Corner, the overwhelming interest from participating organizations and visitors suggests that it will become a regular feature of the event.

During a visit to the Youth Corner, the General Director of Ucom, Ralph Yirikian engaged with participants, toured the expo, and attended the "Nature and Social Entrepreneurship" workshop. Here, the focus was on showcasing how entrepreneurship can drive positive societal and environmental changes, presenting innovative business models that address pressing environmental challenges while fostering social impact.

"For both Ucom and myself, ecology and the environment hold paramount importance, as we recognize that a fulfilling life hinges on a healthy natural world. Preserving diverse, pristine nature is our legacy for future generations. Equally important is nurturing the next generation's understanding and care for our planet," said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

"The Youth Corner not only provides an opportunity to learn about important environmental issues, but also creates a platform where young people can grow, learn and connect to become leaders of change in their communities and the world. With our joint efforts, we will be able to shape a world where entrepreneurship and innovation will serve for the welfare of nature and society," said Sona Kalantaryan, Director of the Sunchild International Festival.

At the Youth Corner booths, participants engage with leading organizations, learning about their environmental and educational programs. This space serves as an open forum for discussions on nature and the environment, providing early access to educational initiatives and opportunities.

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